A lot of tiles

A lot of free and legal tileset coming from Open Game Art

Save in the right format

Export to Scirra Json or TMX for optimal compatibility with your development software and standard.

Baby Steps for a new version

The problem with the android version need a reprogrammation of the save and export version.

Because of new version of Android, the save and export fonction don't work.

The new and correct version will be in october, please be patient.

But the online version work great on Android under Chrome browser dans the save and export version work great.

Thanks for your patience.


Still Working on ....

The project still in progress but i'm really slow down by the android bug for saving and exporting map.

I will solve this problem before the save to web option, still some bug with security.

I'm also slow down by  beautifuls days outdoor, less programming than expected.

But Don't worry the project is not dead.

Happy summer !!!

See you soon !!





Version 0.7.3 is out but ...

Tile2Map 0.7.3 is out but still no save to website. Some security problems still working on.

The line option is out and it's working great. I espect to solve securities problems on the version 0.7.4

2 versions is updated, Online , ChromeOs and Android will coming soon after solving the save JSON and TMX bug.



Game and Save

Great news, in May, a new version of Tile2map go out (0.7.3) with save the map on the website into a public domain database of map you can use for your game.

With this new option, you will able to test your map with the map explorer and a also a Tower Defense game.

A template system to create map for the tower defense will be active to ensure the compatibility of the custom map.

With the great popularity of the chromeos version, a new version will come not long after.

Also the line option is add in this version and some modification in the tool selection.

See you soon




Tile2Map 0.7 is out.

This new version is a big step. Compatible with touch screen device (cell/tablet) and All computers Windows, chromeos ...

The new save fonctionnality to the web site is not activated, need more config in the website for security but is coming really soon.

Better select fonctions, more layers , more stable and a lot of change in the gui to be more touch screen friendly.

Coming soon tutorial , save to website, online games with your map , an android , chromeos,windows and linux local version.





Version 0.7 coming really soon

The new version is more stable, correct a lot of bugs for selection tool, zoom and tile (some tiles over 1100 have some wrong pixels).

The big new option is to save map on the website and share it. Anyone can create a copy of your map and enhance it.

This option will give us a database of public domain maps.

Other new option are now with 6 layers of editing. The 6 layers option on mapperview capx and mapview are already updated on the website.

The new version will come out the first week of March.

Some news

Sorry for the lack of news !!!

My personal life was overwhelming and 24 hours in my life was not enought but the project is not dead.

I will coming soon with an update version with more tile and expect to be able to save your map on the website.

For now, i install the Mapviewer to see scirra/json map from the website, local file or copy/paste json code.

I also add Fullscreen link at the top of tile2map editor.

See you soon !




New Version 0.6.0

A new version with a better title screen , add a test map , load bug and reset some lost value in variable.

The next version will come with a better select tool and a Line tool.

I will also working on a button to post map on the web site.

More options coming soon




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