Some news

Sorry for the lack of news !!!

My personal life was overwhelming and 24 hours in my life was not enought but the project is not dead.

I will coming soon with an update version with more tile and expect to be able to save your map on the website.

For now, i install the Mapviewer to see scirra/json map from the website, local file or copy/paste json code.

I also add Fullscreen link at the top of tile2map editor.

See you soon !




New Version 0.6.0

A new version with a better title screen , add a test map , load bug and reset some lost value in variable.

The next version will come with a better select tool and a Line tool.

I will also working on a button to post map on the web site.

More options coming soon




Beta Available


I had been hard work on Tile2map for solve some strange bugs but an early Beta version is up.

You can now create your account to have acces to the editor.

you can save in scirra/json or in tmx.

Some files are in the downloads sections, like tile file in 16x16, 32x32 and 64x64, tsx files and source code for construct 2 to view scirra/json.

A video tutorial for using tile2map will also coming soon.

In next weeks, a lots of software update gonna happen.

I Really want feedback



Some delay for the beta

I made some test with the game Zombie Buster Deception , for a game jam from Newgrounds, and some change need to be made to Tile2Map.

I have some problems with some tiles, export to png/jpg and my undo function.

If everythings goes well, before end of july , we will begin beta test with the online version and after that, chromeos and android version.

Sorry for the delay !!!



First Tile2Map Screenshot

The first Tile2Map screenshot of the alpha version of my online tile editor in html5.

The beta test of this tile mapper will be available in the end of june 2015.

The beta version will come with CC0 tileset from opengameart and it's totally legal in your game (for commercial or amateur used)

Still working on the tmx map loading and on the map export.


To Help Tile2map, download the Browser BRAVE
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