A lot of tiles

A lot of free and legal tileset coming from Open Game Art

Save in the right format

Export to Scirra Json or TMX for optimal compatibility with your development software and standard.

New Mapper for TD

I'm back after working on other projects.

I will remove the mapwriter for another option, a map maker for Tower Defense.

The TD map are gonna be playable online for all.

Check updates for more to come ..

Restore the Map Writer

I work on restoring the new Tile2Map and reinstall the Map Writer Online.

With the Map writer you are able to download your map on the website to create a Public Domain database.

I'm also working to speed up the zoom , with big map take some time on older cellphone and computer.

See ya soon

Resolving bugs

Hi, I recently discover than my hosting don't send emails from wordpress anymore.

Need to modify the configuration and use another smtp server.

Sorry for people who try to activated the account.

I activated all account manually.

I also temporary need to deactivate Map writer online because of some bugs and security issues.

Sorry and thanks for your patience !!!


Map Writer Online is up

Now members can upload new map creation for sharing to the world.

All map on this website is Public Domain, you can use it in every project you have.

Map will be review by myself for security reason and software futur options.

Review will take normally 24-48 hours but the process will be accelerated in a near futur.

Share with all.

MapWriterOnline Update

The project almost ready, some validations and more tests to do.

You will able to share your map under the Public Domain Licence.

With the explore map you will able to move trought the map with a little martian.

The layer 4 will be the solid object layer, the martian cannot pass thru and over 4, the martian will pass under.

Every maps will be reviewed before post on the website.

Stay tuned !!!!

Map Writer Online

The new application Map Writer Online coming soon. You will be able to save map on the website and shared with anyone.

With this new option, Online Games will be able to use your map to Play online and test it.

Coming soon in January !!!

Happy Holidays and stay tuned !!!!

New Android version 0.7.4

New android version is out, still in test but i'm able to save and export. If you have some bug, leave comment on this post.

All save is done in the download folder in the root.

Some phone need to add permission manually. Setting-> App -> Tile2Map -> permissions and enable storage.

I test it on some phone and it's work :

LG G3 (android 6.0

Samsung Galaxy s7 edge (android 6.0.1)

Asus Zenfone 2 Laser (android 6.0.1)

Acer iconia 7 (android 4.4.4)

Chinese model UM-A75 with a20 cpu (android 4.2.2)

Plz leaving comments on this post with you cell model and if it work





Baby Steps for a new version

The problem with the android version need a reprogrammation of the save and export version.

Because of new version of Android, the save and export fonction don't work.

The new and correct version will be in october, please be patient.

But the online version work great on Android under Chrome browser dans the save and export version work great.

Thanks for your patience.


To Help Tile2map, download the Browser BRAVE
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